Vegan Dad is a serial comic strip about a man who has remarried, doubled the size of his family, started a business in a small town and juggles all aspects of being a happy, healthy adult member of the sandwich generation in the American Midwest.

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PorterNotes Podcast features unscripted interviews, discussions and social commentary about art, music, culture and history.

Alex Porter is a veteran musician hailing from Chicago, Illinois.  Alex has been a professional musician for over twenty years with his own music groups and has provided guitar, bass or vocals "sitting in" with countless regional music groups.

LIVE from Zombie Watch Studio is a live music performance web stream from the American Midwest. Events are free and sometimes followed by an artists' Q&A session.

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AmericaLand is the semi-regular podcast focusing on travel adventures of Laurie and Alex Porter.  Check out their FaceBook Page for updates.

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Wisco Veggie Foodie is a travel and food blog hosted by Laurie Porter.  

The goal is to introduce the world to some of the amazing culinary experiences in the American Midwest and beyond.  Additionally, Laurie utilizes her own skills to recreate some of the meals she’s encountered along the way.